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We would appreciate an opportunity to serve you.

 Thank you for your interest in our school.

Chishawasha Mission Primary School is a boarding school for both boys and girls. We are currently housing only grades 4 - 7 and we will update this page should there be any changes.


We accept applications anytime throughout the year and applicants are advised to mail in their applications with self addressed and stamped envelops. Please make sure to allow ample time for us to receive and respond to your application before the selection date. 

Please be advised that we do not have the school fee structure readily available online but an invitation letter to attend the selection process will include such information. 

 Application Deadline:

There is no application deadline but make sure to submit your application and allow us time to respond before the selection process date.

 Selection Date:

Selection process date is the 1st Sat of Oct each year and it is the day we invite our applicants to visit our school for selection.

   Sat, 1st Oct, 2016
   Sat, 7th Oct, 2017
   Sat, 6th Oct, 2018

   Sat, 5th Oct, 2019

   Sat, 3rd Oct, 2020

A Catholic School Striving for Excellence




Application Process

Submit your application in person at the school's administration office or mail it in.

It is unfortunate that our application process in not available  online. We therefore encourage those outside Zimbabwe to work with relatives in Zimbabwe so as to permit the application process to work effectively.

Key Points

 1. Submit your application in person or through mail.
 2. Receive invitation to attend selection process
 3. Attend selection process.
 4. Receive selection process results
 5. Enroll and Register to attend Chishawasha.

 Mailing Address:

      The Headmaster
       Chishawasha C. P.S
       P.O. Box GD 100
       Greendale, Harare